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Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for Ignore Haters - Monday Blues

I have written about it before and here is the topic again. Ignoring is an art and leaving without getting hurt is another. While we live in a beautiful world, it is also important that we understand how it works to maintain the balance. For every negative thing that happens here there are many more positive that happen too. For every negative person you encounter, who want to put you down, berate you and demotivate you, we also will find more positive and encouraging people who would help us stay alive.

So when you find hates, remember haters gonna hate anyways. So why bother. If you do not have enough enemies already and people who make it a point to tell you how bad you can be, then you seems to be doing things in conformity and probably mediocre way. Stop right now. Up the ante and beat the Monday blues away!

You got to take a stance and say you are not going to compromise or hide based on what others might think. Stay strong and firm on your decision to improve. You know how you can get ahead of these haters? By being successful in what you are doing, by zipping ahead of what you set yourself up to. Stay positive, focused and remember you can burn these people by winning. 

Interestingly enough the most successful people have surged through a load of negativity to win and oddly enough it seemed to motivate them to succeed all the more. Can we use this negative fuel and perform better? After all we are human machines running for cheers. Let us convert these boos to cheers and then stunning silence when we succeed.



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