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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alia Bhat is a genius

When you are up for ridicule, laugh at yourself and be sportive. Alia won many hearts with this and I think this is bloody brilliant.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Honda's new ad analyzed

How do you touch someone in such a way that they don't forget you?
It is tough. Isn't it?
How difficult is it for a brand to make you feel special? It is even more challenging and it is rare that a brand could achieve this is commendable.

Honda touched me with their special ad. Since they have moved out separate ways with Hero and wanted to build a brand on their own and yet connect with their customers and build the bridge. I am glad they did this as I own a Hero Honda bike, my first one, and I have a deep bonding with the bike. I loved the ad and consider this is one of the best ads this year.

The music is amazing, they could bring in all religions, cultures and give minimum space to the star and is really fun to watch. Wonderful it turned out to be. Here it is for you to see.


Monday Blues: Robocop

I met a cop the other day and he charged me a fine for traffic violation. I was in my car asking him for directions when he pretended he couldn't hear me, so I had to get down and ask him for direction and he fined me for no parking! The logic is he couldn't fine me when I was sitting in my car hence the step to lure me out. I was shocked but could understand the pressures of sales and target in every job but this was over the limit. As per rule he booked me for a fine. Stick to the rulebook my friend.

Do you stick to the rule book too? Do you follow orders like a parrot and not think of what that action would do to your brand, the name you are representing? Think and yes use your brain. This monday, skip operating like a robot and use your brain.

One small action, small step, word you say might change my perception of your brand and leave an impression that would be hurtful to your brand and it would take double the effort to make me even like you again. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stay messy stay creative

Psychologists are exploring the relation between being messy and being creative.

Read this article.

All our lives, we’ve been told to “be organized.” Organization has always been pegged as a direct key to success.
Whether at home, school or in your bunk at camp, organization is something that has been instilled in everyone pretty much from birth. On the other hand, being messy has been equally condemned and made to be a quick path to failure. And, honestly, no rebuttal could say otherwise.
I mean, what good can come from being disorganized, right? Perhaps more than you might think. More recent studies, conducted by the University of Minnesota last year, provide us with a new side of the debate. The pro-messy one.
There has always been this sort of “urban legend” that has floated around modern society deeming people with messy desks as having a high affinity for creative reasoning.
Frankly, I initially thought that people with “messy desks” had to be creative, out of necessity, to survive outside the boundaries of organization.
Last week’s take home test, still undone, in one corner. A page from last month’s Playboy ripped out and crumpled next to the bottle of cocoa butter in the other. Empty Arizona cans distributed across the surface, like a battlefield.
Your desk is a mess. Then again, it’s your mess, and thus, it feels very in-control. When you habitually fail to put things in their designated place, you’re bound to get creative figuring out ways to make everything, I don’t know, fit. And fit comfortably.
While it might look completely random to strangers, a lot of times, a person’s mess is very methodical – with respect to himself.
Psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs, from the University of Minnesota, who set out to debunk this urban legend, didn’t confine her study to solely the desk. No, Vohs, clearly a creative mind, chose to think outside the desk. She just sounds messy. The creative kind of messy.
Using a paradigm consisting of one messy room and one tidy room, and a series of trials, Vohs concluded that messy rooms provoke more creative thinking – and provided scientific evidence!
The next question is, what exactly constitutes “creative thinking,” and how will your pig sty of a room help?
Creative thinking, in its purest form, is thinking outside the lines of “conventional” reasoning. When considering this, it should be no huge shock that messy rooms containing possessions misplaced from their “conventional” locations would promote creativity.
I suppose if you prefer to “lay,” and I use that term very loosely, your clean clothes on the floor of your bedroom, when the empty dresser is only a few feet away – you’re certainly thinking outside the lines of conventional reasoning. And that same concept could be applied to more abstract conception.
Consider this from Albert Einstein, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”
Obviously, Einstein’s desk looked like a spiteful ex-girlfriend had a mission to destroy his workspace, and executed it rather successfully. Yet, there’s no denying Einstein’s creativity.
Einstein wasn’t alone. Mark Twain, too, had a cluttered desk. Perhaps even more cluttered than that of Albert Einstein. Mark Twain was one of the most imaginative minds of his generation.
If the likes of Einstein and Mark Twain don’t catch the attention of Generation-Y, I give you Steve Jobs. No wonder he invented iBooks, it’s clear he had trouble maintaining his real life ones. His desk, and office alike, were f*cking disasters. I suppose this just added to his brilliance.
So what does this mean to you? Trash your desks, trash your rooms and hope for a touch of genius? Not exactly. The relationship between messiness and creativity is by no means causal. Being messy won’t find you waking up one morning more creative.
The two are, however, correlated. If you are “messy by nature,” perhaps finding a healthy medium between your usual mess and that urgency to clean, is optimal. By curbing your sloppy desk, room or tendencies, – keep in mind – you might also be curbing your overall creative tendencies.
Ultimately, the only way for you gauge the effectiveness of your mess-induced creativity is to go out and experiment for yourself. So, go ahead, make it rain with all your important files and paperwork, toss your clean clothes across the room, have a blast. See what you come up with, after.
PSA: If you have a roommate, tell him not to send me any hate mail if your dorm room turns into a zoo while you experiment with this. I am not liable for any of the future messes my readers may create.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Blues: Avoid regrets

One of the things I encourage you to do today is to avoid regrets. Either you do it or not, don't ever regret. Or don't hold back anything so you will regret later. Sometimes you should take a leap of faith and go ahead with what you want to do.

Every experience shows some lessons and it is better to let go of those negative emotions like fear, shame or jealousy that has little or no redeeming value. Move on and avoid regrets. Have a great day.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Open doors

This month, open doors, open opportunities, give chances, make choices, help other improve. Be a change agent, a positive one.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bring home a Deepam, shine bright like a diamond

When you love someone more than anything else in this world, how do you express it?  Is there a description or a sonnet that can convey your feelings with authentic delicacy, passion and ease that they would just understand what you want to say? 

Swarovski collection in Kanjeevaram silk
Well few people can. What would you gift to the most beautiful person in your world? When you are in search of beautiful gift for your beloved for a special occasion, you might as well choose something that compliments not just their tradition but also accentuates their individuality. If you are still searching for such a matchless gift, head to Deepam Silks and check out their Swarovski collection!

Get dressed for any occasion @ Deepam Silks Crystal Silk wonder
Inspired by centuries old traditions of Kanjeevaram silk sarees that mark the auspicious occasions like no other, invigorated by glittering stars in the night sky and the varied colors that leave you enchanted, Deepam Silk's Swarovski collection is ready to usher in beautiful blessings of the season.

As we were witnessing the unfolding of original silk wonders that come out of the handcrafted Kanjeevaram master weavers, lights danced off to the silent yet rhythmic chants of the star studded signature motifs, reliefs, corals and gopurams. I was simply bowled over as the finest silk sarees spread majestically before us and later adorned a beautiful lady who walked with poise and attitude in various colors that secretly whispered silent stories of love, joy, patience, commitment and promise that were personified in the yards of pure silk. What were crystals doing romancing with silk? Well the world's leader in cut crystals decided to go in tandem and learn to collaborate with some of the best weavers the world has ever seen and bring out the most gorgeous Swarovski collection of Kanjeevaram Sarees for Deepam Silks.

Tradition and style @ Deepam Silks Swarovski collection of Kanjeevaram sarees

The beautiful borders stand out and you know it is a Deepam even when you are in a crowd, said Pramila C, who was our host for the evening. "People call us and book appointments, give us color combinations and prebook some of our collections even before they book tickets to India!" "A Deepam Kanjeevaram silk saree is a must in every function. The occasion is incomplete without a Deepam Saree and it is this traditional love and sentimental value of our customers that motivates us and encourages us to come out with more designs and style without diluting the traditional values."
Pramila C, Deepam with Madhu
What is in vogue now? Well bright colors and bridal colors are back. Especially fuschia, yellows, blues and oranges are a must for this season. The well-crafted minute designs in the pallus are accentuated when the saree folds or moves but because you got the crystals embedded in them you now have small little sparkles that steal a look here and play a hide-n-seek there drawing your attention to the otherwise missed crafty work. 

Elegance and tradition packed in one @ Deepam Silks Swarovski collection

So what can you expect from this collection? Classy Kanjeevaram silk sarees that let you wear Indian heritage and culture while elegantly allowing the light to play with the naughty Swarovski crystals that keeps you graceful yet exuberant. Will you be so immersed in the intricacies of the saree design or would you be wondering how the numerous stars of the night sky have some to adorn your loved one’s feet? The answer is none. You would be overawed by the joyous reaction and the simple serene beauty of your beloved’s smile that would be brighter than all the small clean cut Swarovski crystals in her dress. 
The finest silk  @ Deepam Silks
What are you waiting for? Bring home a Deepam and shine bright like a diamond!

Contact: Deepam Silk Retail Pvt. Ltd., 404 Barton Center MG Road Bangalore – 560001, 9845108374 | | Deepam's facebook page

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Consumers... Behave!

You might say the service is bad, or the waiter should be more responsive or they should anticipate. I only agree on the word - anticipate. This is a beautiful contrast int he last 10 years that we didn't see seeping through. Wonderful read and some of us might be more considerate with what we do and how we behave as a customer in the shop. This is taken from The Meta Picture.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Blues: Be Original

"Since God made us to be originals, why stoop to be a copy?" 
Reverend, Billy Graham

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Homeless fonts and creativity

Sometimes creativity and fresh ideas are right near you but we choose to ignore them.

Homeless fonts chose to #openup and listen!