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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lessons from life: Why you should follow your heart!

It was right after my summer vacation. I was about 14 then. I had just learned to ride a bike and used to insist taking my mom for a ride to show off that I can do it on my own. All of summer I had worked on part time jobs, some household chores and been collecting some money for a special purpose. This special purpose was to buy a surprise gift for my mom on her birthday! Though her birthday was quite some time away, I was planning for long. I had visited some nice stores and seen some nice gifts for her. I planned it all so well and finalized on a saree that would match the color of her eyes and knew she wanted to buy that color with the zari on them. I knew she would love it and she would look gorgeous in it. It was quite expensive and I was determined to buy it for her.

But I was short by about 100 rupees. That was quite some money in the nineties. I was desparate and was trying to get more pocket money, doing more tasks than ever and was collecting the amount. By the end of the holidays, I was able to meet my target and had converted all the coins and change to bigger currency notes and had them safely tucked away. I visited the shop and told them to keep the saree reserved for me and that I would buy it a day before her birthday. Of course my mom wasn't aware of all this and boy it was going to be a great surprise. Everything was in the right place until...

My mom had come down with fever and cough and we had to go to the hospital to see our physician. When we were there the physician checked out and prescribed a syrup and some tablets for her. I told her to rest in the reception area and went to get the medicines from the medical shop in the hospital. While I waited for the pharmacist to pack my medicines a man in his thirties came to the shop with a prescription on his own. Judging from his dress he must have been a daily wage labourer or a farmer obviously not very well to do. He was very cautious and was talking in a hushed tone very hesitantly to the pharmacist who was just ignoring him. I hung around a little longer to find out that the man was literally begging the pharmacist to give some medicines on loan. They had a young child, about 3 months admitted in the general section (the cheapest section, usually free for stay but medicines are to be bought) and is in need to medicines but they cannot afford. On further hearing out the pharmacist started shooing the guy away and said he owes them some money and he will not lend anymore. The amount was quite big but I was really hurt by the way the pharmacist was treating the man and the tears in the man's eyes touched something in me. I couldn't leave.

I asked him how much the medicine costs while ignoring the pharmacist who was saying they will never repay me back.  The amount for some reason matched to the money I saved for my mom's saree. I was devastated. All my three month's plan, hard work, missed plays and saved money was exactly matching to his requirement. How would I buy my mom the saree? How would I surprise her? Should I pay him and help his child or should I just take my medicines and walk away. I looked him again and could feel his pain. He stopped begging the pharmacist and was turning away. I help his hand and gave him the money I saved up for my mom's birthday. He fell down to his knees and was shocked and thanking me and started weeping. The pharmacist was shocked and was saying something about taking my address and repaying. I just touched the man's shoulder and told him to take care of his child and walked out. Once I left the corridor, I wiped my tears off. I couldn't think of anything.

I composed myself by the time I reached mom and she was worried why I was late. We went home. next day, I went to the hospital again to see if the child needs some more money. By God's grace the child was healthy and playing. The medicines I paid for helped him recover and they managed to arrange some more money. The family was very thankful and said they would repay me soon. I didn't share my address or contact information and told them to take care and went off. Over the next few days, I tried making as much money as possible but still couldn't make enough to get the saree. I had visited the shop several times in this week and requested them to keep the saree for few more days.

On the day of my mother's birthday, I couldn't get the saree but got her a card and a coffee cup instead. When we opened it after the prayer, she was surprised and said, "Where is my saree?" Now it was my turn to be shocked. "I thought you were gifting me a saree!" 

Then she opened the pack dad gave her and there was the saree I told the shopkeeper to hold on to. I was surprised and shocked. Too many emotions swept though me at that point and I hugged my mom dad and wept. Here is what happened. While I was busy doing all this stuff of making this impossible target, the shop keeper had called on the land line (there were no mobiles in India then) and asked if I was coming to buy the saree. Mom got to know more and said she will pick up if I don't do.

While I was talking to the pharmacist, mom was worried that I was taking too long so she ventured to the pharmacy and oversaw the whole thing. She saw me pay the man and walked back calmly to the reception. She thought I would tell her the story but when I didn't she didn't question. She had spoken to dad and dad went to the hospital the same night and told the doctor that he will take care of the total bill for the child. They said they were really proud of who I was growing up to be. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life. My decision to follow my heart paid was correct. I paid a small price but got paid back in abundance. Somewhere that small child would be a teenager now and hopefully is making her parents and me proud.

Follow your heart always. Take a leap of faith and God will always repay you back. As in the book of Proverbs 19:17 it says, Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

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