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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DO something

Placement season is amusing, excruciating. Makes people jittery and on their edge. I guess it is okay to be so. This is when people start calling up everyone they know to clear their confusions or at least get a word of solace. Most of the decisions taken at this level go on to shape your career, life and in a way change your trajectory. Not all decisions are permanent in their outcome but most of them do. Talking to a junior today, I realised I am a minority!

Let me elaborate.

Sure, I belong to a specific kind, a very rare breed of B-School grads who just shelled out 7 figure amount to get an MBA and yet ready to take up a different/non-conventional career decision. The junior I was talking to told me that all her friends and some seniors have suggested her to choose a safe job, in an established firm, with a systematic way of functioning, HR practices in place... translated as a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the month, bonuses at the end of the year and so on. Who said small firms don't pay well? [ Ever heard of stock options? ] Not that I mock these safe ideas or dreams. Not all can try their luck and risk their career. A lot of things should fall in place, like commitments, family, etc. But seeking challenges and venturing in to paths that have been neglected is stimulating.

If you think you are exceptional and want to do something in life, here is an option, a short cut to fulfill your dreams. Go find a firm that has a good and sustainable business model. Work for the CEO or top management, at some place you actually get to learn and do stuff. The key word here is DO. You might have to stretch longer than most your friends, postpone your dreams but trust me the kick you get out of doing something is worth the effort. And guess what, there is a time to shine, for your efforts to be rewarded. The experience you get out of it will be more than your peers for sure. Wait for another five years and then compare. What are alumni meets for?

Another option which some of my batch mates chose is to start out on their own. They have their own firms and are working towards realizing their dreams. They face many hurdles, need to slog more, do all the dirty work themselves but the satisfaction of having your dream come true is awesome. You could actually help your employees take care of their family.

So you can choose a 9 to 5 job in a big building that teaches you nothing or go out and actually do something. Safe is boring. Safe is dumb. Safe is risky. What say?


Unknown said...

True... and i am also 1 of ur inspiration for this post na?? lol....

Unknown said...

@Swati.. True.. hope it helped you too.. Lemme know and good luck. Cheers.

Deeptaman Mukherjee said...

Few days back, you complained that I don't visit your blog often these days. Today I did visit your blog and here is a testimony to it.

As a Blogger, I appreciate your arrogant opinionated views about your thoughts of starting out on one's own and types (which to an extent I also conform to) and agree that it creates better knowledge.

But, as a reader I would not want to actually believe all what you said. The ratinaole over here is that "Safe is Not Boring"; because - 'At times, being SAFE is the best choice'. Quite a lot of us have seen the tension of people who were unplaced and whose attempts at cracking a placement was resulting in absolutely no good. Off-course, I in no way want to demean anybody here. But, all I want to say is that if there were people like this (which I am sure you would agree there were); then why did people not opt out and start off on their own. Why were there still a plethora of people who used to sit for any company's process, come out unsuccessful and then crib out being this is wrong or that is wrong with the company? It requires guts to say that Safe is Boring; but in practicality, all people suck up to the word it is - Safety.

I completely agree to your 3rd para (which starts with If you think you ...); but towards the end, the analogy doesn't appeal to me much. I guess, I as an individual have reached a stage where I have stopped comparing and thinking where my peers would land up after 5 years. Because, I personally think, even if I reach a particular stage after 5 years and flaunt it off in an Alumni Meet, and prove to a few peers that I am at a better place than you; it is just an ego massage for me. Nothing else at all. So, may be what you present in writing would be in verity done by lots of people and I would be very happy if someone reading this outshines your peers; but on the other hand; I personally would not waste much energy and would be happy with whatever miniscule designation I reach after 5 years.

Again when you say, "So you can choose a 9 to 5 job in a big building that teaches you nothing"; I disagree because I don't think there are facts to prove this. Off-course, even I have heard about them; but I would be a moron to arrive to a conclusion without doing a study and having a proper sample number.

Concluding, I really liked the other posts of your blog; but this one in particular; doesn't connect to me. And, thus I thought it is better if I be voiceforous in expressing my opinion in the most positive way one can take it.

Anyways, at-least big offices with saint gobain glasses give an individual a sense of security, and even Maslow admits it being one of our most essential needs. On a personal and lighter note, 5 years from now; I would be happy being in the Middle Management of a company of global repute, rather than being a CEO of a company which only caters to a few specific clients and enterprises.

Dare anyone gets into a debate with the above mentioned points; all I said were my 'personal views' and I am in no mood to waste my energy with anyone who doesn't agree to me and has his/her own personal views. Wink Wink.

Vamshi, it's always a pleasure reading your blog. Way to Go Buddy. Cheers ..!!!

Poonam Kankariya said...

hmm... quite interesting.... kinda something wat i dream about as well... hoe i too acheive my dreams sooner or later... :)

Dr Chowdari Prasad said...

Vamshi, Recalling your days last year, it was height of recession and down trend in the global markets. But still, you had the good fortune of getting into this challenging and lucrative job because of your past experience in ICICI Bank and perseverance, of course. It is different in case of a fresher and workex guy. Thanks to reform and privatisation your generation have multiple options to choose line and profession, job or organisation, etc. Best wishes - CP@Manipal