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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DO something

Placement season is amusing, excruciating. Makes people jittery and on their edge. I guess it is okay to be so. This is when people start calling up everyone they know to clear their confusions or at least get a word of solace. Most of the decisions taken at this level go on to shape your career, life and in a way change your trajectory. Not all decisions are permanent in their outcome but most of them do. Talking to a junior today, I realised I am a minority!

Let me elaborate.

Sure, I belong to a specific kind, a very rare breed of B-School grads who just shelled out 7 figure amount to get an MBA and yet ready to take up a different/non-conventional career decision. The junior I was talking to told me that all her friends and some seniors have suggested her to choose a safe job, in an established firm, with a systematic way of functioning, HR practices in place... translated as a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the month, bonuses at the end of the year and so on. Who said small firms don't pay well? [ Ever heard of stock options? ] Not that I mock these safe ideas or dreams. Not all can try their luck and risk their career. A lot of things should fall in place, like commitments, family, etc. But seeking challenges and venturing in to paths that have been neglected is stimulating.

If you think you are exceptional and want to do something in life, here is an option, a short cut to fulfill your dreams. Go find a firm that has a good and sustainable business model. Work for the CEO or top management, at some place you actually get to learn and do stuff. The key word here is DO. You might have to stretch longer than most your friends, postpone your dreams but trust me the kick you get out of doing something is worth the effort. And guess what, there is a time to shine, for your efforts to be rewarded. The experience you get out of it will be more than your peers for sure. Wait for another five years and then compare. What are alumni meets for?

Another option which some of my batch mates chose is to start out on their own. They have their own firms and are working towards realizing their dreams. They face many hurdles, need to slog more, do all the dirty work themselves but the satisfaction of having your dream come true is awesome. You could actually help your employees take care of their family.

So you can choose a 9 to 5 job in a big building that teaches you nothing or go out and actually do something. Safe is boring. Safe is dumb. Safe is risky. What say?
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