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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spamming away

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Off late I have been receiving many spam mails on my Yahoo account. I don't think this is pure coincidence. I have been continuously using it for the last 10 years(does it count as loyalty?) and spam content was very low when compared to my other mail accounts. Around six months back I was asked to start a paid option for better services, which I declined. Which capitalistic consumer would pay for a mail account? Wake up guys it is 2009. Suddenly spam has found me a perfect target. Is this pure coincidence or is someone playing foul? I am just thinking aloud.

I really don't understand spammers. If I get to win millions of dollars just by giving my account number and a few other details, do they want anyone to believe? What interests me is that they really think so! Find better ways to make money.

And as the spammers have improved their technology and found ways to penetrate firewalls, companies should upgrade and update too. Hope Yahoo comes out with something like that or else I might be packing my stuff and walk. Trust me, many are already packing.


Unknown said...

Very true Vamshi!but where will you go? I trusted gmail but to no avail.The best option is to check all and delete :)

Unknown said...

I know Sarah. IT just gets to my nerves sometimes. I have seen paid versions which don't have spam at all. I think I will opt for something like that. Lets see.