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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nokia N97 first blood

As I already mentioned about Nokia N97 launch event at Bangalore today and promised a review. Here it is... Consumer Psyche Review of Nokia N97 & lots of pics too.

I was one of the few who had a chance to touch and feel Nokia N97 mobile which is yet to launch in India in the next few days. The product is a new foal from the Nokia stable and carries high expectations. Nokia is leaving no stone unturned. Well let me stay with the product review and then talk about marketing aspects.

N97 Product Review
  • Looks were good and impressive. The back was completely neglected. White 4.5/5, Black 3.5/5
  • Keypad was good, accessible for thumbs 4/5
  • Screen, 3.5 inch TFT, wide, clean and quickly accessible for thumbs again 3.5/5
  • Slide option is awesome. The sound, 35 degree angle, frontal camera, style score high 5/5
  • Response speed is slow but for 32 GB its faster than most lappies! This is equal to 50 full length movies + 24k songs + 50k images... 5/5
  • 5 MP Camera 4/5, excellent video quality 4.5/5
  • Battery back up: Video 4 hrs, Audio 35 hrs, talk time 100 hrs 4/5
  • Price is high.. around 34K INR 3/5
Whats special?
  • Lot of research went into its design like what is the perfect angle for the screen for the thumbs to reach, what is the angle at which you look at your mobile when placed on a table, watching a video, blogging... so on
  • What is the best sound you would like to hear when you slide your mobile? Remember the customized options on several brands? Well N97 designer team found that the sound of a car door closing, opening smoothly, a clap, snapping of fingers, etc. were mixed to arrive at the present sound. Believe me its awesome
  • The ultimate device for bloggers, Face Book users, Orkutters, Twitters, etc. as it provides ease of connection, upload and customization for people who live online
  • Personalized computer in your pocket which is stylish and resourceful
  • Syncs digital media to physical requirements easing hurdles in transition
All said and done it may not be the ultimate mobile you would want to own but is definitely stylish, smart, resourceful and makes a statement. Goes well at meetings, parties and might be called a conversation starter.


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