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Friday, June 5, 2009

Got to keep running

Got my own pedometer at last after a long tiring search. It is HJ 113 Omron, one of the best in its category. Counts up to 10000 steps gives me a customized exercise pattern and how many calories I have burnt per day and has a seven day memory.

I hate to walk but with this am doing pretty good walking. My sis Divya is right. Started with 500 mts around 4 days and reached 3 km per day. You should try walking with something like this. I hope I will keep this habit in my continuous fight to get fit in the next 6 months. Working on what I eat too. Let us see if I can reach my target of losing 10 kgs in the next 6 months. Want to get back my shape. Wish me luck.


Unknown said...

Its looking sexy. All the very best for your mission back in shape :) btw, who is the model in the post?

Unknown said...

Thank Q Sarah. I hope I succeed. The model is ME! :)