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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not my job

Several times we hear this: Sorry this is not my job. No body wants to take responsibility for what is happening apart from their line of duty. The reason is that they will not be paid or at least appreciated for doing that. But it is just not right. When you find something going wrong you HAVE to correct it. Its not only moral but also is the correct thing to do.

Managers, peers should make it a point to appreciate things done out of regular work to get things going. Firms should encourage such acts. On the other hand colleagues make fun of and portray it as if the person has no work to do and hence doing the additional things. This is pure incompetence.

If you are a manager ensure your team appreciates getting things right and set good examples. If your colleague does something aspirational, treat it as one.


Unknown said...

Nice one. I know so many people who can win this award too.. tell me when the nxt competition happens , will nominate them :) :)

Sivaram said...

Good Blog i liked it.. i have blog rolled u .. hope u dont mind

Unknown said...

@ Sarah..

Thanks for the comment. I know how you feel. Almost everyone knows someone who can be nominated. All we can do it show it to them.

Unknown said...

@ Sivaram...

Thanks Shiva. Its an honour. I love the stuff you post. Good luck.