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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Damn nuggets

We were first customers at Mc Donalds, Forum the other day and were tempted to try out their chicken nuggets. Well the picture looked like this and was very inviting. I ordered one and was shocked that the real ones are no way similar in size to what was displayed in ads. The size was too small and the taste was normal. KFC would taste 10 times better.

May be my expectation was high and hence the disappointment which brings me to the point I am about to make. Don't promise what you can't meet. Coz once you do the customer would compare, guage and then feel cheated for being made to believe in to your story. Telling the actual story, what really matters is better than what makes him feel tricked.

Remember you can trick the consumer once, only once. So will I buy the nuggets again? Damn nuggets. Will I go to Mc Donalds again? Damn recession ;)

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