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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shut up, Page 3!

There have been many Page 3 personalities recently mouthing what seemed to be the best they can do in their small piece of lime light. Everyone including Shahrukh Khan came up with interesting yet unreasonable solutions on what India should do about the terror attacks on Mumbai. And all the news channels kept airing these episodes again and again. This is sickening to think what they would do to get those TRPs.

Lets look at the celebrities to begin. I think the only sensible comment came from Big B in his blog. Ridiculous suggestion even a possible war were made. My take on this is, Dear Page 3, please shut up and concentrate on what you are supposed to do, make better movies, if you can.

About the media and the news channels who reported the Mumbai attach with unending zeal, passion and delight that they had the biggest thing in the last decade on TV to Hollywood fed brain dead people who enjoy the hostage situations in those movies like the recent Die Hard 4 where in the hero comes in the end to save the day. Sadly my friends this doesn't always happen in real life. The bravery of the few journos who stood the cold weather, possible bullets or bombs and report continuously for hours and days together under tense situations is admirable. 3 cheers for Indian Journalism. Don't make real life reel. Some channel dumbo came up with this idea of comparing the attack at Mumbai to 911 and with in minutes all the channels started to use the term. Same happened to the 7/7 last year. Sandeep and me were watching the news live and the thought sickened us. How can you talk of a continuous attacks on a peace loving, tolerate nation to an off attack on the US? If you can't think of something better please remain silent. Don't make everything a point to score TRPs.

Please don't clutter my brain with your ideas which are borrowed and let me think. Because if you don't I will accept everything that you say with a pinch of salt and your credibility will be lost.

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