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Monday, October 6, 2008

What's your problem?

Some people have a problem with everything and keep yelling all the time. The slightest chance and they explode. Spoiling every one's day around them. We had one such experience today. One simple act of forgiveness should have sufficed the whole situation but the person wouldn't agree! Though he shared 50% of the error his attitude was like: Its your mistake!

What's your problem?

The solution to this is simple:
  • Stay happy with yourself (If you don't like yourself, no one else will)
  • Stay happy about your work (If you don't like what you do, walk out! No one is forcing you to do things you don't like. If you can't, better shut up and accept what you are doing is good)
  • Exercise for 30 mts everyday (I need to try this one)
  • Sing a song that makes you happy every morning before coming to work
  • Try stress management techniques (Sing a song, count to ten, forgive, walk out, shut up! --- If you have something else that works tell me)
  • Decide you will not get angry today no matter what
  • People at the receiving end are REAL PEOPLE, so think before you speak and act
  • Plan to make people around you happy
  • Have a work-life balance
  • Plan your day
Now what do we do if we are at the receiving end?
  • Stay calm (Shouting at them will not solve the problem)
  • It's a REAL person, so give them some time to cool down
  • Apologize! (Yes, even if you are not in the wrong, it works)
  • Walk away and come back
  • Show respect and concern
  • Use escalation matrix (It is there for a reason)
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MJ said...

May be its in their genes or something.People who grow up with strict fathers,beating teachers,yelling bosses become like them only when they mature.They stay like that even though they don't like it and problem is they are not sure if they have a choice to change themselves into calm individuals

Unknown said...

Well this is a wake up call then