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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jaago and Jeeto

This game "Jaago aur Jeeto" that starts from 12 AM the night in ZEE TV is definitely a fraud game! It asks questions and asks viewers to send SMSs with "Jeeto" at 57575 and win thousands of rupees. No matter how many SMSs you send you will never be called back. Each sms costs rupees ten!! There were instances where after 15 minutes no viewer was called and the question lapsed! I think this is a all staged where sometimes someone from their own team calls up and actually no one gets paid.

Though the entire mechanism looks flawed many people do SMS. The continuity of the show is the proof for this. Many such shows exist on various channels.

It hits the most at where it hurts but not right away. The lure is high enough to make you send the SMS. The anchor seductively cajoles, lures and what not to make you send the SMS. Why no one complains is because the effort of pursuing this legally is too big when compared to the Rs. 10/- loss upfront. Hence the success. If we keep the ethical side away, I think it is a clever idea.
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