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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are we ready for the aliens?

Many theories, controversies, conspiracies exist on this topic: Aliens. I have been following this for a long time and this is one of the most shocking of the revelations. Called 'The Alien Interview', it shook the entire world and seems to be most believed in all the revelations till date.

Accordingly the Area 51 is the host to many ETs and we share intelligence with many species who are much more advanced in all fields then the humans.

Hard to believe but interesting. Some people like Bob Dean have started singing and sang like canaries and have given extremely shocking and exciting stories about this ET business. Though many claims have been made to prove the existence of aliens, sightings of UFO like this recent one reported by DNA, nothing has been proved or found. According to Bob Dean, the Earth is just a lab for some ETs who are about to some back and prevent us from killing ourselves with some kind of experiment. The date he proposed is around 2012. So lets wait! Also start practicing a nice smile and a big Hello!

Do I believe in all this? Yawn.. pass the popcorn please...


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MJ said...

Even if they exist i don't think they are stupid enough to allow such news to leak out..and Tiger dont eat popcorn bcoz they say "they" have bases in corn fields...didn't you see X-files movie??