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Monday, October 19, 2020

Why were you born?

"May you live long enough to know why you were conceived." - Cherokee Birth Blessing 

 What is the one reason for your life on Earth? Don't you actually ask this question? I do. 

 I regularly can't help thinking about what may be a definitive objective of my existence on this delightful blue planet. Simply envision the way in which we are born, in light of the fact that we are conceived and born as a mathematical delight! What are the chances! 

I trust God has made every one of us with enormous potential to develop into superb people equipped for doing extraordinary things for us, for other people, and for the whole of humanity. We come to this world with one mission - to make an extraordinary dent with our existence on humanity. We don't have to be incredible entertainers, writers, researchers, and the kind to have an impact. We can do that slowly and carefully. I, for one, work every day to understand the consumer psyche and use it to help people out to connect to their better selves. So, here are some simple things we can do.

  •  Be kind - the easiest way to make a small change to people around you is to be kind. Be compassionate to friends, family, strangers, animals... 
  • Be helpful - whenever you can help out to anyone in need. Be the grace, blessing you are meant to be, one small step at a time 
  • Be a great listener - The world needs more people who talk less and listen more. If only we are better listeners, we can be better human beings 
  • Be empathetic - Understand what the other person's view is. Listen to the other version of the story. Try and be empathetic to their situation, their struggle, and their misery. 
The entire world would be a better place if we are more compassionate, kind, and loving. Live out the vision God has for you - to be a great neighbor and friend. That will make you fulfill your destiny. Just think about it. 

Have an impactful Monday.

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