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Monday, September 14, 2020

Making honey, one experience at a time

Lessons from the honey bee

I am always amazed by the way honey bees react and lead their life in an orderly fashion. Did you know that you can change the flavour of honey you get from a particular hive when you restrict the access of the honey bees to particular flowers? For instance, if the bees have access only to Jasmine flowers for collecting the nectar, the honey produced also is flavoured with Jasmine. If the bees have access to a coffee plantation, then invariably the flavour of honey is that of coffee. They take a piece of the source flower and add it to their own and make them better. That sounds amazing, right?

I loved this method of infusing flavour in honey, as this applies to us as well. When we have access to things around us, we are definitely affected by them one way or the other. We can take what we need and add that to our contribution. The flavour of your conversation, your thoughts, and what you do might be dependent on what you are feeding on. Most often we might not realize but what we are exposed to! If you're feeding on the positive, then your conversations and your behaviour will be positive. But if you are feeding on the negativity then and the flavour changes accordingly. As parents who are responsible for their families, leaders who are responsible for their colleagues, as friends who are responsible for your friends, we need to ask ourselves this question - What are we feeding on? Are we being exposed to enough positivity and compassion? Are you being the positive point of a confluence to your peers, family, and friends? If not, how can you expect good things to pop up from them? Ask yourself how you can be a positive influence on our work and behaviour. 

If you have a child in a family that you can help or be a part of their growth, please ensure that you are feeding them enough positivism, hope, courage, confidence and winning attitude that whatever they do in their lives, they'll always carry this flavour and move forward. I encourage you to feed on what would improve your belief rather than what would take you down. Have a great day. 

PS: What would happen if the bees are exposed to something bitter? Will the honey be bitter then? Or will it be called something else? I believe it will be like coffee.

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