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Monday, September 14, 2020

Making honey, one experience at a time

Lessons from the honey bee

I am always amazed by the way honey bees react and lead their life in an orderly fashion. Did you know that you can change the flavour of honey you get from a particular hive when you restrict the access of the honey bees to particular flowers? For instance, if the bees have access only to Jasmine flowers for collecting the nectar, the honey produced also is flavoured with Jasmine. If the bees have access to a coffee plantation, then invariably the flavour of honey is that of coffee. They take a piece of the source flower and add it to their own and make them better. That sounds amazing, right?

I loved this method of infusing flavour in honey, as this applies to us as well. When we have access to things around us, we are definitely affected by them one way or the other. We can take what we need and add that to our contribution. The flavour of your conversation, your thoughts, and what you do might be dependent on what you are feeding on. Most often we might not realize but what we are exposed to! If you're feeding on the positive, then your conversations and your behaviour will be positive. But if you are feeding on the negativity then and the flavour changes accordingly. As parents who are responsible for their families, leaders who are responsible for their colleagues, as friends who are responsible for your friends, we need to ask ourselves this question - What are we feeding on? Are we being exposed to enough positivity and compassion? Are you being the positive point of a confluence to your peers, family, and friends? If not, how can you expect good things to pop up from them? Ask yourself how you can be a positive influence on our work and behaviour. 

If you have a child in a family that you can help or be a part of their growth, please ensure that you are feeding them enough positivism, hope, courage, confidence and winning attitude that whatever they do in their lives, they'll always carry this flavour and move forward. I encourage you to feed on what would improve your belief rather than what would take you down. Have a great day. 

PS: What would happen if the bees are exposed to something bitter? Will the honey be bitter then? Or will it be called something else? I believe it will be like coffee.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Do what your heart cherishes!

Do what your heart cherishes! For what reason accomplishes something different? 

Trust me when I say this - It is your quintessential obligation to think about #selfcare first. As parents, administrators, pioneers, we are frequently in the battle to be there for everything and everybody. Particularly when you have a close-knit group, bigger duties or as a parent, or as a partner. In other cases, perhaps you are accepting a bigger obligation as you are the most ideally the best (wo)man for the job. Not that we all can be as cool as Dhoni. In some cases, we got the opportunity to pick self-care. At the point when you are giving more than you have, your cup gets empty. Enjoy a break and top off your cup. This applies to your life in all zones. Regardless of whether it is work, love, relationships, finances, a similar principle applies. 

Deal with things you have been putting away. Go for that new hairstyle, rest and catch up on sleep, watch a film, read a book, clean your home, work area, PC, or figure out how to make and eat that dish. Enough of delaying. We don't have the foggiest idea of whether we would get an opportunity to do them once more. Give #selflove significance. Just when your cup is full and overflowing, you can give. Top off, at that point give. In this perishing world, it is significant that you organize your time, endeavors, and discover harmony, bliss, and joy. Include more love, zest it up, and have mental peace. 

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Becoming ‘Pausitive’ to Being Positive – A Heartful Journey

We have a guest post from my friend Roopa today and it is about heartfulness. Here is a video you might like too.

Dear Friends,

Undeniably Covid pandemic is bombarding each and every one of us with -“concerns that are not in our control”, “heightened social responsibilities”, “safety - security issues” and “a highly volatile future”.

And it is Now, more than ever before, I am finding great meaning in the below quote:

“Between Stimulus and Response, there is a space.
In that space lies our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and freedom.”

-        Dr. Viktor Frankl in “Man’s search for meaning

Our action to stimulus:

-        without space is - Reaction (based on our fears, prejudices, conditioning).
-        with space i.e. by taking a pause is – Response.

The “space” in the above quote is - nothing but the pause - the act of doing Nothing – the act of Waiting - the act of Resting our mind -- there we choose rightly - there lies our growth, our freedom to choose – our Power!!


It is in these pauses

-        we access our heart’s intuitive intelligence - we discriminate and join the dots.
-        Our chords are stricken, our truths are revealed, our decisions are made, and our actions are determined.

Remember, it is in these pauses we,

-        harnessed the courage to say the truth – to follow our gut,

-        had our Eureka moments –in solving our relationship and work issues!!

Bathing, dreaming,exercising, nature watching gave us our truths - not the actual thinking, but the resting of our mind did the trick. Newton’s Law of gravitation and Archimedes principle are the results of pauses!! [see references below]

While pauses should not be mistaken as inaction, taking them at periodic intervals amidst our genuine efforts can produce fruitful outcomes.



               Unfortunately,we are hard wired to REACT than to RESPOND – we know that our autonomous nervous system bypasses our central nervous system – the famous Amygdala Hijack.

Overridden by our fears and prejudices, this conditioned automated subconscious mind takes over the conscious thinking mind. Hence, we are bound and not free anymore!!! This is more true in our current VUCA world!!!



-        Rewire the mind to take pauses - How?

-        Create the habit of taking pauses consciously, every time – What then happens?

-        Pausing becomes automated in our minds. – How to achieve this?

-        By doing Nothing 😊–by resting our mind – and now that’s called, Meditation.

Meditation is effortless single pointed focus, effortless resting of mind on one thing.Mind needs something to rest upon – a book, a song, a game, a TV show. “Listening to music is meditation”– here we are resting our mind on music.

To use the power rightly and in transforming ourselves into Positive Beings,

should we not rest our mind on the best thing?


That which feels and sympathizes, which shows compassion and kindness, which gives signals and direction, that which is our gut feeling and conscience, that which forgives and purifies?

-        that which is life itself and the seat of the soul,

-        that which is love itself and the dwelling of the God!!! – THE HEART!!!

What to do(choice)? – Heart should say. How to do?  – Mind should say.

This discrimination when applied in life situations, is called Viveka or Wisdom. Right combination of Heart and Mind – Mind following the Heart culminates in Positive Living – Heartful Living.

“Heartfulness Meditation practice” results in clearly listening our inner voice and in garnering the courage to follow the guidance from the heart.

Anyone can try this simple and effective practice and see the results for himself/herself. You are the experimenter, the experiment and the result.

Heartfulness Meditation practice encompasses a set of unique practical techniques:

1.      Heartfulness Relaxation – To de-stress ourselves

2.      Heartfulness Meditation through yogic transmission – For single pointed focus on heart.

3.      Heartfulness Rejuvenation or cleaning – To remove the fears, conditioning of our minds.

4.      Connecting to our Higher Self by auto suggestions, also called as prayer.

You can access them here.

There are no charges for this practice, now or in the future.

I for one, am reaping the benefits of this practice,for over 15 years now.

I welcome you all to take this Heartful Journey!!


Author is a Heartfulness Meditation practitioner/trainer, Design Thinking practitioner,CAMSS Leadand an accomplished IT specialist @ IBM.

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