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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Lessons from the coffee bean - COVID 19

Coffee beans are extricated from the plant to make great espresso. As somebody who cherishes a well brewed espresso, some of the times more than tea or ice cream, I wanted to take a couple of lessons that I learned and check whether they can be useful to you. I am certain you will cherish what I'm going to explain since this is something that we are experiencing in these difficult times. 


The extraction procedure of coffee from the beans looks extremely simple when it is plucked from the plant however it is definitely not simple. After the seed is sun-dried, it is required to experience a grinding procedure. At the point when the coffee beans are placed in the processor, they lose their shape, their structural integrity, and are changed over to what exactly may appear to be an aimless powder very different as what it was previously.  But this is just the beginning of the process because they are to end your more into becoming something. If you get coffee bean to talk at this stage, it might say that is been through a really tough time and it has lost its entire identity as it has gone through the painful grinding process. But we don't get the coffee powder to make good coffee unless the bean is ground thoroughly. So when you are going through tough times it is not always tough on you for a bad reason but it might be an opportunity for you to endure this pain and learn something nice and become something better. When you compare coffee beans with coffee powder, I prefer coffee powder because that is ready for me to do something with it and even smells better than the bean. So hang on when the grinding is happening because it is going to make you and your life better. L
earn what you can during this grinding.


If the coffee bean thinks that its pain is over and it is ready to flourish as a good cup of coffee, it is in for a surprise. The extracted powder that just endured the grinding process, is then suddenly sent into another tough process where is put through more pain where it is added to hot boiling water. The sizzling hot water baptism burns the coffee powder and takes only the essence out of it leaving the remaining coffee powder, which is of practically no use. You might say that the coffee powder has served its purpose but if you think of the bean or the plant, it is just discarded at this stage and can add nothing more to the coffee. So when you are going through tough times I encourage you to look at the better side of life. You have a significant role to play in whatever you are doing. Take the good in. Ardently see how you can pass on your essence and give whatever your character is to make the way better further. Don't just be there and exist or survive through this but thrive. Strive to add something to your work, family, or someone else so that you are able to change from what you are to better. Many of you are making the best of this time by creating content, working better, by helping others, by being with your family, by taking care of your parents, by rekindling relationships that are lost or teaching your children helping out with chores. Some of us are taking additional responsibilities at work, helping people who are down, managing our finances better, and so on. Make sure this tough time helps you to learn what is important and encourage you to be ready to bring the best in you out. 


Let's go back to the journey of a coffee bean. Are we at the end yet? Now that we have a sizzling hot cup of black coffee, many people are happy at this stage as they might prefer black coffee. Some of us like to add quite a few things to our black coffee like milk, cream, cinnamon, chocolate, icecream, froth, or all to make it interesting. So at the end of the entire tiresome grinding, being put through sizzling water, the coffee is then taken to add more elements to make it interesting or personal to someone. Just like the basic dark coffee that comes out of the coffee machine is the same, each of us is going through the toughest of times our generation has ever seen. But each of our experiences is different just like how we can customize by adding your own flavors & choice of ingredients to make it better. 


So when this unavoidable time is upon us and we are forced to go through this grinding process with health scares; hot sizzling water like situations that have led to job losses, financial struggles, lock-downs, delayed loan payments, mental health issues and uncertainty about future, I urge you to add your own flavor to it to make this bitter experience better. Add love, joy, caring, compassion, and empathize with people around you to make this bitter experience better. 

Needless to say, if you share your cup of coffee, whether it is a cold one or a hot sizzling one with cream on the top, with someone you care about or even a stranger it always enhances the experience of having the coffee and takes the bitterness out of it. So today, take this opportunity to connect with somebody that you'd love to share your story or send me a message and I would love to hear from you #TalkToTiger and I promise to get back to you at the earliest. 

Time for a cup of coffee and driving the blues out. Wishing you an August day ahead.

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