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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Be better, marketer!


How to be a better marketer?

Do you know how you can be a great marketer? Be a good listener. If you care to listen to people, to their soul, you will comprehend more than what they say. When you understand what they are saying without words, you are not telling a story or trying to market, but voicing their beliefs.

And listening is not an easy art. You need to learn to catch the nuances and be extremely observant. Improve it every day, hone the skill and you would connect better. Ignore the din, chaos, narcissism, popular notions, what is selling. Listen to what the other person wants - solutions to their problems and help them achieve that. It is their win, not you selling. That is what makes story-tellers great.

You can help people more than you know, more than sales, more than targets. You can help change someone's life and that is the best feeling in the world! As a marketer, don't just sell, transform the other person's life by helping them overcome their problems. 

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