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Friday, July 10, 2020

Share your meal

I made the mistake of entering Kuala Lumpur Airport late one night. Flying back to India, this seemed to be a good place to spend the night shopping, walking and of course the lounge, thanks to my Platinum card. But I was in for a huge surprise. Everything closed down at 11 and they would only open back in the morning. I was starving already and there was no place to even rest as people had come in early and occupied the benches to sleep. So as I looked for a place to charge my phone and grab something to eat, I was told even they are closed.  

 After running around for 30 mins, I spotted this book shop with the shutter down and requested for charging my phone. Then lazed around chatting up with the owner, reading books there, sharing his coffee. He was a kind gentleman from Pakistan and it was fun to connect with someone who you are enemies with but when you meet in a different country, you are without bias. As the morning dawned, I offered to buy him breakfast. He insisted that we visit his friend's place in the airport (skipping the lounge experience) and boy this was a treat.  

This was Nasi Lemak, a steamed coconut jasmine rice, tomato red chilli salsa with olive oil, fried chicken, papads, some sambhar like curry, fresh cucumber, egg, salt-roasted peanuts with salt fish, sauce to go with, and some lemonade. And all this was served in a paper with a basket to go for about 25 Ringgit (about 350₹). It was served hot and I gobbled it up as we chatted. This Pakistani bookshop owner was simply amazing and what a good company he was. 

We don't appreciate the food we have and the kindness in a stranger unless we experience it. Be thankful for what you have and show kindness every time you can. 

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