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Monday, July 6, 2020

Monday Blues: Adapt like Agama

What should we do when faced with tough situations? You might say, adapting to the current situation is required. Yes. But when nothings go beyond normal, like the situation we are in with corona, everything we knew as normal is uprooted and changed to the new normal what do we do? Well that is where nature has beautiful lessons for us. This is the Indian Rock Agama, very adaptive, smart and bold. It knows when it can unpick a fight and when to back out, run a club and maintain dominance. What are the takeaways?

  1. Evaluate: Where we are, what we can do to salvage a situation and how can new take it a notch up. Once you evaluate your current situation, you can choose the next path easily.
  2. Upskill: Learning what we should do is the first step, using that learning to improve our skills is the next. Use this down time to learn something new, try pushing yourself to pick yourself up and explore new opportunities. Google and YouTube can be immense help for you. Learn, read, practice.
  3. Explore: Try a different strategy that you wouldn’t normally use. Take risks and this is the time to do that. You have an opportunity to tr out your wildest dreams now. I see so many people taking up a different route than the would normally do. Our children are being forced to adapt to the new game of technology world and they are learning to cope up. You must explore.
  4. Self care: Practice self care. No matter what, you can beat this. You need to be strong in our mind and concentrate on your physical health, mental wellness. Recharge yourself b doing something you love. Listen to good podcasts, good videos, read good books, eat good health food, exercise.
  5. Build relationships: Use the opportunity to build on your relationships to connect with people you ignored, lost touch with as you didn’t have time! Use this time to do that. Just call a friend, family member and ask how they are. Share your experiences, crack a joke or just listen to them. But build relationships. That is what will matter at the end of the day.
  6. Be kind: To yourself, to others, to friends, family, your team, subordinates, helpers, everyone. We are all going through a lot and being kind is the least we can do.

Share this if you feel this is right. If you want someone to hear you out and vent out your feelings, feel free to message me. God bless.

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