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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The wealth that compassion is!

Be compassionate. Despite what is happening with people around you, regardless of what people say, or what situations demand, just be compassionate.

Most of are compassionate by compulsion. When it suits us. While there is nothing wrong in that but when you see how things are going on around you, once cannot keep quiet. There are many people who are suffering. Even animals, birds are suffering. Most of them silently. I am sure you are doing your bit and I want to thank you for that. If you are not, anyway is a good day. Even if it is really small, kindly start.

Being compassionate makes us a more emotionally stable, strong, even improves our mental and physical health. It makes us a better human being. One of the many things that we learn during situations like the Covid-19 is the discovery of our character, the inner one. What is yours depends on how you treat people around you, how you respond to someone who needs your help. It also means that you are given an important opportunity to keep up humanity and what you do is your choice.

Some of my friends argue that they need to take photographs and videos while helping out. While I don't see anything wrong as long as it doesn't hurt the receiver, I would hate it when someone does it to me. So be compassionate again.

When it comes to our children, they look at us and are absorbing everything like sponges. When we behave with dignity, respect and compassion, it echoes in them and creates a foundation for better fulfilled living.

This is what you and I should be proud of sharing and teaching our children. I hope you are a compassionate person and will continue to be one. More power to you. If you have a story/experience your would like to share, I am just an email or call away!

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