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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The importance of being humble

Are you humble enough? They say you can't teach humility overnight. It is true. It is something you imbibe in you over a long period of time. 

I remember what one of my very educated professors at Nizam college said about research. When I asked him what lies beyond his post doctoral research, he replied that he now knows that there is so much more to learn and that he had just wet his feet in the waves of the ocean. I understand that now. After reading so much we know that there is so much more that humans have written down, documented, catalogued in the last few thousand years and we don't even unwrap the gift box yet. May be we just know a minuscule amount of things as a humanity yet.

When you are growing up in life, in knowledge, in career, learn to grow with wisdom too. As we grow we need to remember to cultivate the ultimate knowledge that the best among us are just a speck of dust on the scales of time. Jawaharlal Nehru described Napoleon was a comma in the history of mankind. Just a comma. Not even a full stop. It meant that the history of mankind pauses to observe the greatness, the passion and the great heights this puny French man achieved and yet moved on. When I had a chance to see the life-size bust of Napoleon in the famous Salarjung museum in Hyderabad, I was blown not see the face of a man, who made history pause, actually had a face smaller than mine!

As we grow, expand, learn, increase in power, never forget the less-privileged, helpless, lost souls, I implore you to remember to be humble. to be kind, to be gracious and act sensibly. Behave like you would want the other person to behave if your roles are switched. Empathise and have gratitude. If you do that you will be an angel with wings and will be blessed. Be humble despite what is the fashion as of today. Be humble as if you don't bother. Like Socrates. Like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Like Ratan Tata. Like Mother Teresa. Like Mahatma Gandhi. Like Jesus. Be what your soul with wings of an angel would behave like. Be what your child, father, mother would be proud of. Or else your millions won't matter, your awards, your achievements, your influence, your life, your name - won't just matter and will disappear.

But if you choose to be humble, things change. Because it is easy to be humble, you would actually matter more. You wouldn't have to pretend, if you grow to be a humble person. Your work would talk more. Your actions would stand out. You would grow as a person, gain respect, influence others, change lives, deliver blessings. You would be the real deal, the real hustle and the real angel. Can we all try and do that? Can we make being humble fashionable again? I hope you do! Share a story with me about anyone you have seen be humble.

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