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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The art of being frugal

If there is one thing that Covid19 taught me personally, that is frugality. I am still getting accustomed to the fact that we could survive with so little! I am talking not only about money but also about the use of various resources. Let me explain.

Since lockdown got announced, we haven't ordered food from outside, used only what is here, and in fact, almost stopped wasting food. Not that we were bad before but we could feel the difference. We actually are using our resources very carefully. Right from water, vegetables, fruits, dal, rice, wheat, ghee, or even snacks for children. Amazing that we could actually eat healthy, tasty food, thanks to the superior cooking skills of the home minister, and loved what we are eating. Along with drastically changing our habits, we are able to actually enjoy food, love a better healthy meal. 

Something similar has happened to our dressing. We used very few. Same with the car - almost never took it out, bike - sparingly used and so on. Our waste output has come down drastically. We are actually giving out dry waste only once in a week!

When we look out and see heartwrenching images of people walking miles and miles, most of the time barefoot, and carrying all their possessions on their shoulders, it is really humbling to see how much we have and how less they do. We are a generation of hoarders (for the lack of better term). And we need so little to live. Wify has been telling me not to waste that last tomato piece on my plate, eat that curry leaf, and so on. In fact, it is literally respecting what we have and are blessed with. 

Thankfully we have enough and probably more and it is important to look at life with the positive eyes and see how we can be happy and use less. I realized that most of the things I take for granted are not so easy to get anymore. With so much job loss, economic crash, health issues, and financial losses being projected, it is always better to learn to live frugal, even if you have everything. 

As an organization, learn to spend less on things you don't need and try to add more value to your employees, to your customers, and deliver delight. Support a cause that is close to your heart and aligns to our calling. Don't add to the baggage but lighten it. 

As a family spend more on things that add to your skills, experience and knowledge than material comforts. Being frugal is in. Appreciate what you have. Hug your family, thank your parents, pray, and thank God that he made you more fortunate than many. Be kind, be humble, and be frugal. God bless.

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