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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Monday Blues: Sew it up with care

If you are a giver and enjoy taking care of others, if you spend most of your time and energy just in being there to help, this post if for you. Emotional investment is the most underrated investments ever.

We all know the famous line that you can't give when you are not full and you if you are not recharging. When you are taking care of others, you end up being drained. It is essential to practice self care. What we don't understand is that we keep on giving and think we are strong. Actually you are strong for others but you end up being emotionally invested and lose a bit if yourself very often. Here is a request for you. Being invested in your work, family children, parents, relationships is good but being there means a lot is being drained from you! Let us not let this be the norm.

Practice self care. Actively do that so you don't have to drain yourself. Life is tough my friend, and it is essential to recharge yourself every once in a while. I always encourage my partner to read a book, eat something nice, sleep and rest, take ME-time seriously, very often. If these are not your mojo, then do what you like. But do it. In my wife's case, she loves cleaning, sorting, mending, cooking and what not! Keep yourselves full and overflowing, so you can share your gifts with someone else who might need it.

Sew that gap, reclaim you happiness. Mend our relationships, close the gaps you left open long enough. Heal the wounds. Closure helps sometimes. Today, I encourage you to move forward in a positive way. May God give you the strength for doing that. More power to you.

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