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Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday Blues: Be a promise keeper

You would be known be the promises you keep. As simple as that. The words you say will carry more weight and people will hang on to them if they know you are someone who can keep up with the promises. As a brand, it is about the things you stand by. The existence of anyone, a person or a brand is dependent upon how much value people give you. They need not be your customers and can be just observers.

Take the packet of lays for example. When I buy the pack, I am expecting the chips to be nicer, cleaner cuts and have a lot of 'air' too. When I buy the discounted packs or the ones with offers, I know that they have been second quality chips - broken, burnt, cut into odd pieces or even rejects from the batch. So my expectation is set accordingly. The same happens to Good Day biscuits and many such snacks. Organisations push these subpar, low quality products through the 'lower'/'cheaper' markets to help sell. So my expectations when I am buying these discounted or offer packs giving me more for less is always like that. I am okay with this model actually as it sets the story right, addresses the customers right.

When I buy a box of Pringles, I don't expect the chips to be broken, burnt or misshapen. In fact, it would really upset me when I find it is not up to the mark when I get a pack like that. Same applies to all our communication. The you set out to say you are the best, be the best or strive with everything you have to be the best. Without that you are not going the right way I setting up my expectations. Be a promise maker and promise keeper. If not, what is the use of just saying things anyway.

As a brand or as an individual, what are the promises you can afford to make and keep? Stick to those. In times of crisis, if you are downsized and cannot respond to my queries in  a certain time, tell me before. If you cannot be at 100% make the same promise - the one you can keep. Or else all the trust you built all this while is simply lost.

Damn! Now I am craving for chips. Pringles or Lays... bring it on!

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