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Monday, May 4, 2020

Hey Dad, be a MOM

In my travels overseas, I am sometimes pleasantly surprised when I see things like this. This was a baby changing station in the mens washroom in Singapore. I was super happy to see it. Always, we see mom as a caregiver and we plan things like these in womens washrooms. Never have I seen a dad take a child comfortably to the men's room (many reasons why). 

As a parent, I always believed being available for every important thing and every point possible for your children. Be it the scans when we were expecting or an injection or a doctor visit. I was there when my little ones were born, literally. This is a bit strange in India but yes, thanks to good doctors, our convincing skills and thanks to my beautiful wife. 

When you are in a situation where you can help, do it. Be there more than you can. Be a parent who is always there. Be a caring, loving, available on demand parent. Be available to appreciate the soap bubble, a fleeting butterfly, the beautiful art on the rented house wall, the pen art on your clothes. Be there to blow over that bruise, touch up the make up, wipe away those little tears, give that hug. Hug more often, reassure and be there to show you care. 

If there is anything that we are lacking in our children, that would be empathy, caring, being kind and being an emotionally healthy human being. Make sure you teach your children that you are there for the right things and you don't let the wrong things happen. Be there and lead by example. In other words, there is no more gender role rigidity. Change that and every day can and must be a mom and every mom can and must be a dad. Be a role model.

If you have examples of dads who are awesome or moms who remind you of being a caring, kind parent, tag them here and thank them. Have a great day.

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