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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Do more, with love

Being stressed with extra work is always hurting - physical and emotionally. One of the things we tend to do in situations like that would be to see the quickest way to get out of the work. Being able to finish things on time is awesome. When extra work crops up, we all crib (Okay, some of us). But some people do take it up as a challenge and make it a point to sail through the extra bits as if they are enjoying the work. This happens when you have a very strong work ethic and take this up as a challenge. Sometimes they even do it to perfection.

Let me give you an example. Most of the mothers in this lock down are stressed out with the extra cleaning, cooking, caring and it has been really tough on them. Most of them have been able to dish out everything they can with a smile on their face and without cribbing or complaining. Isn't that amazing? Some of them went out of their way and created amazing snacks, dishes with whatever is available to keep children and family happy. That is simply outrageously positive.

Let us take this scenario to work place. While most of us are working from home and are handling our tasks, I am sure that there would be few people in your organisation who outdid themselves in their work. They might have taken up additional duties, tasks, been creative, tried out something new, learnt a new skill or something else. Make a list of them. Appreciate them and let them know they are valued. When we are pushed to uncertainty, some of us embrace fear and defeat it. These are the guys you would want on your team, to fight for your firm, for your family.

Also take some time appreciating the ones who are working at home without breaks, holidays, lockdowns or should I call working from home all the time. Give them a week off, take over the kitchen, clean the house, homeschool children, make that coffee, watch a movie or just given them a break. They are the real heroes of this crisis.

When you have a chance to do more, DO MORE, with love. That is what makes us better leaders, better people and better souls. Thank you!

Pic is of the special peas pakora made by wife. Yum it was! Made with love.

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