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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Being positive when things don't go your way

This little stingray was vying for attention from us all and responding to people with phones. Locked up in the spacious aquarium in Singapore's water park, this was very heartening yet painful to see. The similar situation is what our children are going through. We are not letting them step out fearing the virus and they love going outdoors. So looking through the bars on the balcony, my little ones are trying to call out to the children on the street. So sad situation. 

What did we learn being in locked spaces to protect our families, our health and our future? We learnt that things might not go well every time. We all go through these tough situations at work, in life, in relationships and we might not have a solution or a magic potion to that. But what we have is resilience. What we have is the option to push forward, to protect ourselves, our dignity and our family's chance at having a safe life. Strive to make things better.

More than the children, moms all across are going through a lot. Wify has to do extra work, handle bored kids, irritating husband, family responsibilities and no private time. How can we even measure that? If Corona lock down has taught us anything, then let it be this.

  • We underestimate the contribution, love our parents, partner and family gives us
  • We should, must build memories that we can rely on, relive and use them as our strengths. 
  • Spend time reading stories to your children
  • Talk to your parents regularly
  • Catch up with friends and build friendships that last
  • Read, watch a movie, sing a song, cook, clean, be engaged
  • Be strong, be positive. Don't let the negativity set in
  • Pray. Pray a lot. We need prayers.
Have a good day.

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