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Friday, May 1, 2020

10 ways you can be the Hero when going gets tough

I am writing this post a day after May Day but I believe the spirit is still there. We are witnessing something very unusual around us and this is due to the Corona virus threat. All the people who could get things beforehand have done so and have holed themselves up in homes as is the expectation. However, many people who are less privileged have no other option but to fend for themselves. It is really painful to see them struggle for few things which are considered given if you have money and can afford to step out. What is heartening is to see many people come forward and volunteer. Whether it comes to food, groceries, money or just being kind, many people have come forward. This shows that we as a society are capable of many great things and one of them is being grateful.Here are few things you can do to help others.

  1. Be kind to anyone you can reach out to. Help in whatever way you can.
  2. Share a call. Listen to someone and see how they are doing. Friends, family and anyone else.
  3. Empathise and don't pass comments unnecessarily. Everyone is going through something or the other. The least we can do is being nice.
  4. Appreciate small things in life. Food, family, safety, children, life...
  5. Rekindle your relationships and build on them. Spend time with your partner, children, yourself.
  6. Learn something new. Anything. Let there be a good memory for you to remember this tough situation.
  7. Save money - By now you know that matters. So smart now if not doing already.
  8. Having a healthy life depends on how happy you are and focus on that. Be happy with what we have, what we can do and how much you have been blessed.
  9. Life is no a race but a survival in times like this and you can do it better with family and friends. Build on that. Make sure your children do that too.
  10. Pray. Meditate. Read. Laugh. Celebrate life.
Be the hero you family deserves. Have a great month ahead.

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