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Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday Blues: Work for a change!

Do you have a colleague who enjoys being idle. Most of the time watching at the dumb WhatsApp screen or a YouTube video or pretending to work? I bet you do and get irked. May be it is beyond being lazy, callousness, may be it is a habit or a disease. 

Sometimes simple solutions can be found to major problems, if we are ready to look beyond the box. A new habit or idea is as strong as this little red chilli and can change the flavour of the entire process. Use it for good and you are adding something nice and powerful in the right direction or you are killing your productivity, your morale and in the end your own self.

As you progress in your work and try to step it up, you sometimes can be benefited by a small change in your routine. This Monday, I want to encourage you to look for that small change that can help you improve. There is no fun in being stubborn. Your monkey brain may be holding you back, but just calm it once and try to work differently. Learn to push yourself to contribute.  May be that will change your psyche to the right side!

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