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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Off with the mask you!

Masks. Masks everywhere. Each of us have masks we wear and act out scenes in our daily life. The funny part is when people see you and see you through. This farce act gives out when you are trying to live a life that you are not. It is really interesting when you want to be in my good books and behave in a particular way and when you don't need help, you have a different mask. 

In every team there is someone who plays out the others for their advantage. Unfortunately, people fall for this. In life brands also try the same. They try to put up masks and act out in a peculiar way to win your confidence. They talk like they care, act like they care and lure you to believing, but when the act comes down, what do you do? You boycott the brand like a dreadful plague and it takes immense confidence building to get back the consumer psyche to like you again. Strange as it sounds, there may be a momentary gain when you play out to the audience and not be truthful but you lose this game. 

As a marketer, if you pick the best mask to wear, pick the most truthful one, the one you don't need to act out to and you are etched into the consumer psyche. 

Applies to people too. Alas! Only few live to learn this. What mask are you wearing today?

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