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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Do a great job or don't

There is a fine line between doing your job and serving. Most of the guys out there are just doing their job in the most literal sense and then keep wondering why they are unable to grow or score high on job satisfaction. Today I had one such experience.

We recently got a AO Smith water purifier for home and this was waiting to get installed for a couple of days. Today finally the technician turned up and started fixing the new purifier. He was deliberately clumsy all through. Right from the time he stated tearing open the box, peeling off the covers carelessly, throwing the thermocol packing on the floor, zip tags cut and strewn all around, talking on the phone all the time and when he finished he didn't even clean up. I had to send extra time to clean up all the mess he made, pick up bits and pieces from the sink, floor and what not. After all that he had the guts to ask me to buy an AMC that would cover my for two years! Though he didn't ask me for a tip, he lingered around for quite a bit expecting one. 

The problem is when you stick to a job you don't like, and go through this routine of doing it day in and day out. There is no human element, emotional involved at all. You just show up and finish your work like a robot. 

Compare that with the Ola guy I took today. He waited for me patiently to arrive, called me to confirm the location, apologized for the traffic (though it wasn't his fault) and thanked me for taking his ride. He was conversant while being polite, silent when I had to take a couple of office calls and truly professional. 

Guess who got the tip, better rating and who I remember from these two interactions!

Every individual or brand should focus on one and the only thing. Have a pleasant demeanor and leave an interaction with a positive impact. Even when you are the bearer of bad news, it is always important to be more than a machine and convey your EQ. If you aren't willing to put in more emotion in your work, handling clients, you are collecting nails for your customer delight coffin.

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