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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Balm to the soul from Tea Culture of the World

I wake up and refresh myself with a hot cup of tea in the morning. Tea is a way to tell my body to get up and get ready to a working day. Did you know that tea is the second most consumed drink in the world after water? For centuries, tea has played an important role in solving problems of mankind. Whether they are having problems in families, businesses, and even nations, the simple gesture of pouring a cup of tea is itself an opener. Tea is a universal beverage which is mostly used to welcome the guests. A cup of tea either generates either a quiet reflection in an individual or conversation between two people. Tea is a rich source of phytochemicals and polyphenols, type of antioxidants, which can boost the workout stamina.   

Having said enough about tea, how many of you have green tea instead of the milky one? I like the milky one too but the green tea helps me to remain charged for longer time. While checking out for a good brand to replenish my stock, a friend asked me to check out the offering from Tea Culture of the World. So I got the special Tea Culture Of The World Box with a mix of exhilarating flavours. So here is where the affair with flavours started. 

First of all, these teas came in a crafted box, neatly sorted out and the bright colors tempted me to keep the covers for myself. Well we had a bad case of cold at home with kids falling sick and then us, so we didn't get these beauties out until wify decided to try one out and it was a saga after that. 

Unlike most other companies with limited marketable product offering of tea, Tea Culture of the world, comes with a whole plethora of variants (close to 80) and you can keep tasting each one of them and fall in love. For us though we liked all of them, some strong, some soft, some soothing, the winner was Darjeeling.

People of different countries drink tea in different styles but, basically, it is prepared by pouring hot water over the lid, and when the water becomes brown, the tea is ready to drink. People from India like to take their tea with milk and sugar, and they also add crushed ginger and cardamom for extra flavor. I personally like to have it with some snacks and sip away my weariness in the evening. 

Here is Darjeeling, packed in a jesty colored dress, it evolves out fresh. The first aroma of the leaves, when in contact with piping hot water takes you to a world of an exceptional Indian tea estate. The fine muscatel character in the tea gets on to your tongue and leaves a strong and lasting taste. What makes the offering special from Tea Culture Of The World is the wide varied exploration of your taste buds with their ensemble and it is only right to delve in. So here we go.  

Meet Earl Grey whose infusion of gently crushed leaves wake up from their slumber at the sight of brewing water letting out fresh & steamy aroma with a smooth texture that is left behind with every sip. As it's origin cites, it is a classic and clean tea to start your perfect day.

You need to go and get yourself these nice characters dressed as teas and get to know them and learn their world influence you. After all, tea is the balm for the soul. Go get yourself some nice balm for that soul of yours from Tea Culture of the world. Check out their snacks too.

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