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Friday, June 16, 2017

Amazon Prints is REALLY worth the try!’ $1000 of Amazon Gift Cards to be Won!

I really miss my college days when we used to have the photo reels and manual cameras. I was usually armed with a Yashika camera with limited capacity to hold about 32 pictures with no preview and we chose moments to shoot. That camera hanging around my neck was super cool and drew a lot of attention. 

Printing pictures was a task in itself. We had to go to the photo studio for photo printing and give the roll for developing photo books, large prints. Once the printed pictures arrived at the photo studio, we could see the quality and order large prints of selected photos, try our hand a photo calendar creation, and what not. I particularly remember my parents get some of my large prints framed and used as wall decor. Some of them still adorn our walls as decor. The biggest disadvantage was the cost was too high for all this engagement. Technology changed a lot in the last couple of decades. 

With too many options to click and having the phone on you all the time, we end up clicking a lot of pictures on a regular day. I usually spend the time to delete the things I  don't want on my phone or send things off to people involved and try to free up memory on my phone. The other evolution is that I have learned not to click too many photos but try and capture the moments we will remember. 

The most beautiful moments are the ones where we create memories and these are to be shared. But where do we have time to sort images out, edit, create albums, send to a printer and expect good prints. Hardly ever! So here comes Amazon Prints service, a complete photo printing solution to adorn your wall decor or create cards or photo canvases. I am a tad bit picky when it comes to quality and won't want to leave anything to chance and mood of the guy behind the counter of the printing place. And like I said, it is a hassle to print and go back to pick up. 

Well, not anymore. Amazon has launched a photo printing service that allows all customers to print their memories.  Prime members can upload images to their Prime Photos account, print the product of their choice, and receive free delivery. If you’re not a Prime member, you’ll receive 5 GB of storage free on Prime Photos and be able to print your favorite photos. Prints start as low as $0.09. That is a great news!

The Amazon Prime Photos benefit is that you get free unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos. If you’re not a Prime customer, you can still get 5 GB of free storage. That takes away your worry about finding a storage space for all your photos you have just clicked and guess what, they are available whenever you want handy. With extremely low pricing where your prints starting at $0.09, you are no longer worried about the number of prints you are ordering. The specific features of editing, adding filters and photo calendar creation, large prints is made easy as the quality is just amazing. 

Just to make it more interesting, Amazon is sponsoring this blog post/providing the gift card prizes. Try the Amazon Prints service today and trust me, you might get hooked!

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