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Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday Blues: Get moving

Did you realize which month this is? I was signing on some documents yesterday and realized that we are already in the tenth month! October is here already. With 75% of the year gone behind I was just thinking what did I achieve this year and how do I summarize what is my contribution to work, family and myself! How much more did I achieve to do and with little time left can I achieve it.

Have you been procrastinating about what you want to do and how you want to do it? Time to get up, stop thinking and start getting things done. For laziness is one allergy we all can do away with. At work I create, develop and execute strategies that help the brand move forward and ahead of its competition and if there is on down day, slack day or an off day, it can hurt the whole brand. I have to keep my radars up and going to ensure that each and every interaction is up to the mark and we deliver happiness. It is a war out there and you need to keep pushing and advancing to stay in the game.

Don't waste another day. We all have limited time on the earth and it is a count down clock which is not waiting on you. Let us make the best out of that. It is not too late yet. Get out there beat your blues and make a plan for the remaining 88 days and get things done! Go on. Have a plan. Get moving.

Have a great day!

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