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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Zip the excuse

Why do we tend to move closer to excuses and find them at every corner and nook? If you need to improve yourself, which all of us need to do, we need to stop finding excuses and do more. Act more, learn more. How can I you may ask. Where can I do? Well this article is about you. 

In the olden days, and in some cases almost a decade ago, education and training was limited to the select few who could afford classes, material and time to go through the process. It was very expensive, time consuming and stressful. Not anymore. Now you have an ocean of knowledge just available on your smart phone and you would be an idiot if you ignore the potential. Don't use your phone to just play games and read jokes on whatsapp. Read good books, search online and train yourself to be better at what you like and what you do. Don't give yourself the reason that you don't have time too. If you can spend 1 hour on facebook, whatsapp, you can definitely spend fifteen minutes a day to learn something new. Do that.

When knowledge is freely available, it is a great equalizer. You need to unleash that potential and use it to your advantage to surge ahead. If you have been given a full paid ticket to learn at Harvard or any other best university in the world, would you just sleep rather spend time reading jokes and unnecessary forwards? The technology has enabled us to do that. Let us push ourselves and learn something new every month. 

When the race needs you to move faster and upgrade, instead of stressing more upgrade your skills. This is a race of death and defeat. So either upgrade or get obsolete. You have no option.



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