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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Winning is a habit

Make winning a habit, whether it is big or small a win is a win and it matters a lot to boost your confidence and the zeal to push forward. Actually winning is a strategic step you need to take. Have a goal, plan the steps to reach the goal, work towards them eagerly and don't give up. Constantly evaluate the steps and see if you need to improve on them. Be mindful of the competition and see how you can beat them. As long as you are performing better than the last time you tried is a win in itself. 

When you are looking to win and are doing it regularly it is a good sign. What if there is no competition? Well you can have one - yourself. Take walking for example, plan and walk a bit more and in better time when you can and if you exceed from yesterday, it is a win.

When you are obsessively passionate about your work and are changing the world on bit at a time everyday, then you are a winner. Find a work that does exactly this and be fanatic about it. Unless you are deeply passionate about going to work today, then you need to keep looking and find what do you like to do. Like Steve Jobs said, winning is a good habit and you need to keep it all the time. Trust me once you win, you will cherish that feeling so much that you want it again. Having a passion to come out on top would motivate you to the ends of this world and beyond. 


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