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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Volunteer for a cause

Do you know that most of the tough tasks are handled by people who usually don't have a choice. These are delegated, thrust upon and are handled with a grunt and it is not at all good. Can you think of one occasion when you wished you were not picked for a particular task? We all have some of such moments. I have some too. Nothing to be ashamed off but something to think about. How did you respond? I for one chose to face them and handle them. When will you get trained for pressure otherwise?

Let me give you an example. When I was in college, the professor used to come up with extra assignments and look for volunteers and hardly any hand would go up except mine and I would take it up gladly and though this was an extra burden, I would finish it up burning midnight oil and present it the next day. Again I would be ready to take up extra work if it was there. This happened quite often that I was by default nominated to handle these tasks. By the end of the semester, the professor called me to his cabin and gave me a pen and a recommendation letter and thanked me for being that person who will take up the extra work.

When I moved to workplace, I was always willing and still take up extra work to ease pressure on others. It is fun actually and you should do that too. Take up extra work and finish it in style. When we see a sportstar take up extra work and put in those additional hours to win the game for the team, he is celebrated and recognized for that work. Can you be your team's superstar? Be a volunteer for a cause and you will enjoy ultimate satisfaction that you usually cannot derive from your daily work.   



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