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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Up you go

When things don't go your way and you are pushed to the lowest point in life, be happy and celebrate for anything that can happen from now on can only mean one thing - it is going to be better!

Last couple of weeks I have been blogging about positive psychology and today this topic would definitely cheer you up. I believe God does not give you more temptations that you can handle and when you are being tested, believe that you are made tough to handle that and hence the test. You don't test a car at a certain speed unless you know it can handle. Similarly God doesn't test you against situations where you can come out a victor. There is a solution to this madness and God wants to you to handle.

Remember the analogy of the rubber ball. What happens when you hit the ball hard on a wall? It bounces back with the same speed that you hit it with. What happens when you leave the ball on the floor? It stays there depending on the gravity pull. The harder you hit, the harder you bounce back and that is the secret to success in life. When you face a failure, take a detour and walk as if nothing happened, with the same gait, bounce and joy in your step. If any, you have become wiser.

Learning to pick yourself up when pushed down is the ultimate key to survival. And don't we all love a winner? So when you are down look up and push yourself up.


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