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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Run Run Run

Yes run run and run. You got to keep running. Imagine life is a race and the winner gets a lot of things but the loser in the race is dead and forgotten. Dead I am okay but forgotten I am not and I don't want to be one of those people who came here, lived here and went on his way with no memories, laurels and positivism left behind. Today we are talking about positive psychology and self help tips and the basis of survival.

Whenever I want to get charged up and learn something about survival, I turn to mother nature to show us examples. In a herd of deer when being chased by the tiger, the deer have to outrun others but also keep running till it is safe. That is for today and tomorrow the tiger might return and the game is always like that. Keep surviving, be the fastest in the group and do it again tomorrow. 

How do we do that? Keep your energy levels so high that you can keep running, learning, winning and not giving up or slacking? Look at these small creatures who keep themselves busy all the time. Ants! Ants have an amazing sense of purpose. Take whatever they want to do, they will be persistent and keep doing it even if it means losing their life over it. Have you ever seen an ant sleeping, lazying or relaxing? Never. If it is not moving, it means it is dead. Isn't life like that? For every opportunity, we let go, for every chance we stop taking up, there will be hundred people willing to take that up and surge ahead. Learn to keep yourself motivated, learn the art of continuity. Realise the importance of being on the run. Got to keep running.

When you have continuity in whatever you are doing, you will be alive. You can have a dream, goal, target you want to achieve and that would drive you till you reach there. Similarly when you have the zeal in your to perform, to stay ahead, you always win. Regardless of what position in the race you are, if you are ahead of where you want to be, then you are winning. Have no one to beat but you. Bring the best out of yourself today. Come back tomorrow and do it again. Run, win, run, win, repeat.


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