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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Passion is the key

What is life without a passion? What is the use of owing the best car without the fuel? Passion is vital to any success. When you see Usain Bolt breeze through the 100 metre track like a lightening, what we see is that Usain makes it look easy. What we don't see is the pain and the struggle that goes behind the training and thousands of hours to make that happen.
Every moment when you are building up to something, creating something you are forced to think to quit, to give it up and move on to easier tasks and find out the less painful way to success. Unless you have the passion to follow it up. Unless you have the passion to push you further, to unleash the demons in you, to fuel you, to let you run the longest with the last drop of energy in your body. Passion is the key for success. Passion drives you, drains you, encourages you, kills you but passion makes you win and makes you a hero.

Have a passion in your life, find what you love and make it your life's purpose to be the best in what you love. Learn what you need to, acquire the skillset required to do that, train like hell, train like there is no tomorrow. Learn, learn, learn and then learn again. You cannot should not must not and will not give up. Because giving up is not an option. Giving up is for duffers. Giving up is for losers. For when you give up, you already lose. You let yourself down. Don't push yourself back. Push ahead. Push harder. Push yourself. You need to do this and move ahead. Surge ahead. Win this. Close this. Seal this with a victory and your name written on it. That is possible with passion. Guess what, if you are passionate enough you can win this and make it look easy when you do that.

Check out this video of Usain Bolt training. How many times he throws up, tires down and looks to quit but he doesn't. He pushes on to be faster. His passion drives him.

Never give up! Cheers to passion.



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