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Monday, April 18, 2016

Opportunities - don't let them go

She is said to knock only once. Will knock twice if you are very lucky. Not many are but that is how she rolls. What do we do when we meet a great opportunity? We usually hesitate if we can take it right now or think if we can do a good job with this and so on. I want to encourage you today to take up every opportunity that comes across in your life and give it your best shot. Often opportunities come in disguised as problems, roadblocks or rejections. When we face these, we tend to lose hope on what we are doing and think this is a dead end of the road for us and turn back. Instead if we look at this as an opportunity and see how to overcome the problem, find a solution and surge ahead with double speed, we would be encashing a large bank of possibilities.

Let me give you an example. Take Elon Musk, one of the most admired entrepreneurs. He made a lot of money in Paypal, probably the biggest inventions of his time and used that money to invest in a couple of ideas he believed in. Unlike many others who use the money to live a lavish lifestyle, he chose to live a normal life while working with the ideas of future. Last week he launched the Model 3 of Tesla car which would probably go on to be one of the best Hybrid cars of all time and be a game changer. Elon is a leader who saw the problem and decided to tackle it head on as he made it an opportunity to grab. 

Take Bill Gates for example. When he was in business end of Microsoft, he was bullish, very competitive and used all his time and energy to build an empire where Office meant Microsoft. Now that he has retired, he joined his wife Melinda in their Melinda Gates foundation and is hell bent on doing charity work and rehabilitation programs all over the world. He could have donated to some charity and relaxed his retired life but despite being the richest man on the planet, he chose to be involved in a cause he believes is an opportunity to serve.

We all face problems on a daily basis, rejections often and failures too but if we look up to them and tell them that they cannot intimidate you despite being real and that you will not give up, there will be a door somewhere for you, open and ready to start off. Today I encourage you to take up a stand and challenge yourself that next time you see a problem you will smile and find a solution. Next time you see a challenge you will roll up your sleeves and win it. Next time you fail, you will pick yourself up, dust off and take a detour. Live gives you an opportunity to win, make sure you win it.



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