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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Negative attitude

This is a part of a series of articles I am writing for the self help techniques and positive psychology and here we are today with the topic of negative attitude. 

If there is one thing we can all do without is this quality - Negative attitude. Trust me when I say it can kill! Let me give you an example - a negative Shaguni could kill a 100 strong princes and a positive Krishna could lead five brothers to victory and beyond. A negative minded Bhijjala Deva in Bahubhali could lead a prosperous kingdom to doom and unhappiness to all. Hitler based his campaign on negativity to jews and other people and ended in destruction to others and himself. A positive Tippu Sultan dies defending a Hindu Temple and is worshiped as a legend even today. 

What do we do to avoid negative attitude and people. People you should avoid. Negative attitude is like cancer and creeps slowly into your brain and makes itself comfortable there spreading silently binging off the positive cells and thoughts. Self doubt is one such thing we need to avoid at any cost. Negative people and thoughts always come off as very decent, realistic, positive good meaning but never are so. Whenever you want to achieve something, plan something or start there would be someone who would caution you, listen to them and many more but take your own decision. There is no need to stop because there are risks, take calculative risks and listen to naysayers but use that to strengthen your resolve and take precautions. 

Never forget training, preparing, planning before execution of the idea or task. When given a task to cut a tree in eight hours, a smart guy would sharpen his axe for the first 7 hours and cut the tree in the next one hour. Plan, prepare and go on to execute. If you fail in the attempt, don't let people or failure pull you down, try again.


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