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Friday, April 15, 2016

Measuring metrics

We are talking about the self help tips and positive psychology techniques to improve. One of the easiest ways to slip is when we do not measure our performance. When we have nothing to compare how do we even try to improve. Have a measuring method to see how you have performed yesterday and compare it with today. 

All great performers, athletes, managers... all of them push themselves harder to perform better than yesterday and ensure they have the right tools to help them to do so. Measure your time spent on mail, chatting, social media, making reports, tasks that you have to do, talking on phone and all other mundane tasks like coffee breaks and so on. Do it for a week and see how much time you can save when you were focused and how much time was lost in non productive things. Once you know the number, try to get more on the focused side this week and repeat next week till you know you are good enough and have productive time on your side.

Usain bolt, Roger Frederer, Saching Tendulkar and all the other winners have something in common. They measure their work everyday. Work on their techniques, strategy, performance every day and train everyday. They have professional teams to look up their numbers, crunch them for trends, ensure they are ahead. When you see these leaders and masters of their game, it is these hours and hours of training and hard work they put in that pays. This is possible only when you measure constantly and improve on that.

When you do this regularly you tend to me more satisfied with yourself as you can see continuous improvement, feel less tired and learn to prioritize your tasks easily. What is the point of going to work everyday if you do the same things again and again and end up with a boring schedule? Time to change that. Make improvements, implement measuring metrics, change your daily schedule to better than yesterday and make your today get you more.


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