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Saturday, April 9, 2016

H is for How happy you are!

Happiness is relative. Happiness is what you need to measure according to yourself. Happiness is not determined by what we have what we don't or what we can do and what we cannot. Happiness should never depend on an external factor. While it is very easy to give gyan, this is a realistic statement. Happiness is a state of the mind and is what matters most to you. 

We all experience moments of happiness all through like a win in a match, scoring good marks in an exam, going on a vacation, eating what we like but these are just fleeting moments that we encounter everyday. What determines how happy you are is a combination of all these things and few more important characteristics. 

Have you ever tried being thankful for what you have? Try being kind. Giveaway something you love to someone who needs it more thank you. Connect to someone who had wronged you and forgive them for no reason. Be normal and get the friend back. Help someone in need without expecting anything in return. You know where I am going with this.

Whenever I go to have breakfast outside I see lot of people waiting for people to give alms as they walk out. Some of them might be actors who don't need money at all but most of them are people who are genuinely hungry. I always used to buy them food but not I see lot of people doing that too! I am very happy that this trend is catching on. You won't mind leaving a 10%+ tip in your hotel bill but hesitate to give some 20 rupees to this guy to have breakfast. When you share your meal, isn't it sharing happiness? I came across this wonderful post about being grateful and thankful. 

While you should never let an external event change how you feel, always have control on creating happiness for yourself and people around you and then no one would question how happy you are! Because if there is one thing money cannot buy, that is happiness. 


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