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Friday, April 8, 2016

G for Grab those opportunities

Everyone knows that they have to grab those opportunities. What is different in this post? Well how do you recognize the opportunities. Some of them are quite visible and are easily caught while some of them disguise themselves in the form of pain, rejection, challenges, failures and hesitation. Whoever said opportunity is going to be easy was just kidding. It is going to be a monumental task to seek, make them work out in your favor and to conquer them. 

Most of the times we are held back by doubt, fear and thoughts about failure. May be we will fail or lose but the important fact is that we keep on trying. Make an effort, take a step and make it count. Put your full willpower, brain and strategy behind it. Seek help and advise, listen to everyone but follow your heart. 

Do you know what is different between leaders and followers? Leaders take a new step into an un-ventured territory without hesitation and make a way out. Leaders and winners are not exceptional people but normal please who grabbed that opportunity to excel and grow, to surge ahead of the bunch and take life in a more exciting way. Whenever you have a chance do that. Always remember that every failure is just another opportunity to take a detour. Your destination has not changed, the route might have changed. At every detour, take a deep breath and move on, forward. Grab that chance to accelerate your career, relationship and life. Cheers!


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