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Friday, April 29, 2016

Don't be a Xerox copy

The brand name has become a common phenomenon to use the name Xerox for a copier and today I want to talk to you about being a rubber stamp. Don't be one. What makes you different from others is your individuality and your touch to the work. If you are just recreating from your previous work today, then it is of no use. You are just repeating everything and it is not going to add anything to you.

At work everyday, try and make small advances to your work and change your work style to match to something new today. Learn something new today and use that to reflect in your work. A new word, a new line, a new idea or anything that you can. 

It is frightening to start something new and think of being acceptable but do give a try. Think of what you can change in your routine, like food, coffee, spices, drink, music, loo, something... change and see how it can make your day different. Life is too short to stick to boring choices. Make a different one today! Make your own choice.

People would recognize you for what you do differently and that would be a part of your character. If you lose that then there is nothing for anyone to remember you about. As parents we should encourage children to have their own individuality and as leaders we must encourage our team to have their own flair and get to the goal. Have that flair for yourself, show me your character.


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