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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D for Dressing up @ Bangalore Fashion Week

Models getting prepped up before walking the ramp for Bangalore Fashion Week. Backdoor access is not for everyone and I got to see some exclusive candid shots.

It is a tough world when you have to get dressed up and walk out in under 180 secs and a thousand cameras, eyes, lights, high resolution super zoom cameras are aimed at you and even a small smirk, blemish is blown up and seen in a magnifying glass. There was noise, there was chaos, shouting, calling, dusting, foundation, changing, smiling, chattering, texting, eating, drinking, napping and snapping yet there was some sense of peace when professionals went about doing their jobs in calm fluid like motion where they were delivering with excellence and perfection and while the model walked out to the ramp in full glowing bulb lit six feet wide ramp and enjoyed the glory of 30 seconds the team just moved on to another model, washing, wiping, removing, adding, prepping and continued the rhythm. It shouldn't stop, it shouldn't pause; you cannot rest, you cannot fail as the show... must go on. There is so much pressure, so much tension but there is professionalism, so much positive psyche in the room as well.

Life is actually so fast and things happen so fast. If you are not ready to keep up, it will crush you, demolish you and discard you like a banana peel under a truck tire. So there should be enough practice, enough momentum and learn to adapt as quickly as possible. 

Let me connect you from the world of fashion to the workplace, train yourself in your field and keep learning even after you have been at work for a few years. Learn to be ahead of your game. Whenever there is a recession, downsizing guess who will stay and who will go! There is no excuse for being lazy or recluse. Learn the skills of the game. In today's momentary blink and miss it world, every second counts.

Also be a great team player. You need to learn to work with others, be helpful and be nice and charming in your work. Dress up to the occasion and you never know how things can turn out to be. A prepared, dressed up, planned model is more classy and relaxed. Time to get ready. So dress up!



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