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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Being Kind

One of the things that is going extinct is the art of being kind. We are less kinder than our parents and they were less kinder than theirs. I don't expect this to change due to several reasons. Technology has helped us to successfully mask ourselves from the everyday so called mundane emotions and push to remain normal, well behaved droids who just go about their business and seek efficiency. 

Being kind is not an option. It is a compulsion. With the amount of things going around us, all of us are under tremendous pressure to perform, to out run, to over achieve, to be ahead, we tend to fall into the conundrum of expectations and become ruthless soulless beings that dwell on incessant things to fulfill our insatiable desires. In such a situation the only thing that can re-humanize us would be to have the simple joy of sharing things and being merciful and kind. 

While I would like to say be forgiving, it need not always be forgiving. You can be kind to a pet, to a stranger, to a child, to your bus driver, to your local vegetable vendor, to the guy who opens the door for you and to the guy who serves your coffee. A simple smile, a kind gesture or a heartfelt thank you would make the day for many and we have nothing to lose but gain a lot when we do that. Not many are blessed like you and me and have to face tough situations all through their day!

Teach yourself to be a kinder human being, your children to grow up as individuals who are kind and be an example to others by being nice. What about yourself? Be kind to yourself too. When you miss a deadline, fail to match up to your high set pedestal or performance, it is okay to fail once in a while, just forgive yourself and move on to try again. 

Inculcate a culture of being kind, nice and pleasant and your day will change. We all need a bit of kindness everyday. Don't we?


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