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Friday, April 1, 2016

A for Ask

This is a series of articles about positive psychology and human psyche and how we can improve our performances and deal with depression, anxiety and negativity. These might just be the tips you are looking at to succeed at the workplace and life!

Today we are talking about the alphabet A and A for me is about Asking!

While it may sound very simple to say, it can be really difficult to ask something. Most of us usually pass on without asking. Ask for help, ask for a explanation, question, learn and try to see what the other person, situation wants from you. If you are unclear about what is to be done, then how would you come up with the solution to it? Some of the most complex situations can be helped with a simple question and that begins with you asking more information about it. 

Never think you would be losing out on your stature or be kindled by asking. It is never so. As kids we all have this curiosity bug that makes us continuously ask questions but as we grow up we stop doing that and lose our focus. Most leaders ask relevant questions, questions that make you change the chaos to order, that make sense out of nonsense. 

Have an attitude of learning. You need not always ask questions to others, you have Google! Ask Google anything and everything that you don't know. Seek answers to questions that bug you, that irritate you and make you feel less knowledgeable. Make sure you have a positive attitude for learning and that you learn one thing new every day. It can be anything, can be simple and yet learn. 

The beauty of positive psychology is that it begins from you and grow out of you so much that it starts effecting the environment around you in a positive way. You opinions change, your relationships would be better and when you set the expectations right about what you ought to be doing, you tend to do them better and all of that begins from a simple action of asking! So let us learn to ask the right questions, seek solutions, answers and make life most energetic and meaningful. Keep that curiosity bug in you alive. What will you ask today?


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